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Amazing stuff.

Chips and puscifer

Pre show snack

Go skate, or go home

My first “real” skateboard was an Alva Eddie Reategui. It was beautiful! My best friend Aaron had a Zorlac John Gibson, equally as beautiful. We skated those things until they turned to sawdust. I still remember the 2-3 ply chip in the nose of Aaron’s Gibby. So my bosses brother still skates for Zorlac. I asked if he could score me a deck since my big setup was taken from Burds garage. He called his brother and this showed up a few days later. I got emotional! The EXACT gibby Aaron had some 20+ years later. Different color but same concave, shape, tail, graphics, etc. Beautiful! Going up on the wall (as in the house, not skating the pool).

Oh yea, also Hell froze over

It snowed here. Don’t trip.